First meeting

Steps of Development first meeting 2012–2013

Already this Monday!           5th november 2012 at 15.00-17.00


alternative date:                     12th november 2012 at 18.00-20.00

Place:   Ädala 1, Tallinn (2 flour),  entrance from Ädala street

What exactly will happen:

About Steps of Development:

  • Our background and experience
  • Our plans
  • How can we involve YOU
  • Our expectations

YOUR expectations and wishes!

Coffe and tea with cookies  😉

As a treat:

  • Results of the research by The Institute for the Future  (IFTF): Future Work skills in 2020!

Definitely not going to happen

  • School desks, long speeches and boredom 🙂


See you,

Olga Zubakina

Project manager

+372 5172034

MTÜ Arengu Sammud Pärnu mnt 130-38, 7.korrus Tallinn, 11317 Estonia